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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  October 3, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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good shot and he'll get a read. >>back at three. matt kuchar for the par for the u.s. team here. a lile left to right break. four off the hole. normally he would make those in his slp. cink and kuchar, good friends. both went to georgia tech university, at muchifferent times, but they have an allegiance. >> same with these guys from northern ireland, mcilroy and mcdowell, huh? >> a chance for mcdowell here to n the hole .square the match. >> mcdowll doesn't seem to have anapparent big strengths, but
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the whole package turns out pretty good, right, gary? >> no weaknesses, i would getaway. you oen talk about the guys who have the right inside toes perform when the pressure is on. and certainly he's shown us tt at the u.s. open earlier this year. >> yep. >> very nice. so that match all square. we'll move up to the 5th. ross fisher missed his birdie at 10, so now justin johnson with a chance to win theole and square the match. dustin needs to make this for his confidence. he's just not making them at all. you're supposed to make that putt. this is a nothing uphill putt.
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put a mark on it. they didn't give it to him. it's a pretty short range there. >> well, they probably saw that il didn't have his putter and like making it a little bit -- he has to walk all the way over and give him his putter. fisher and harrington want to see it. >> well, it's their right to do that. >> 1 up in match three ahead of the 8th. it's a 439 par, mahan for the match. >> 159 yards. playing off a good drive from
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zach johnson. >> pulled it just a little. johnson and mahan with a 1-up lead over the molinari brothers. back to 4th. >> jeff overdone his a short putt for a birdie to win the hole and cut into the european lead. nice. >> the guy is a ryder cup putting machine. >> yes, he really has. i ink he's found greens that he likes the speed of. struggles a little bit more on the faster greens, but these slower greens are right up his alley. we go to the eighth. >> and francesco molinari. >> we're feeling the first rain drops of the da which i would think might suit him a little bit. >> just losing the mike there a little bit. but what he's saying is the rain suits the europeans a little bit more than the americans.
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esn't appear t have the play stopping force, but it's coming down pretty good as jimenez gets ready for his shot here, roger. >> both teams on the fair bunker here on the right-hand side. probably the better of the two lies, the us. side more decided slope on the left-hand side of the bunker and closer to the green. >> yeah. i like the ball above my feet a little bit in the sand. play a draw in there. >> it's from 124. contact was good. >> whoa! >> that comes all the way back into the bunker. >> yeah. didn't take advantage of the advantage. >> stricker is next. >> and again, steep up slope. 111 to the hole. you know, really, the kind of
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spot you would think his dead hands kind of move, very little hand action in his swing, johnny, would serve him well here. >> well, you know, when you stand above the ball, you have very little power. so you should take one extra club and swing within yourself. you can't generate much power from this position at all. i hope he's taken enough club for his sake. this is deep. he didn't want to flirt with the water. >> smart. wanted to get the ball on the green. >> match four, stricker and woods, 1 up over handson and jimenez. six foursome matches on the course in a rainey wales. ♪ ♪
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and for those of you just wakin up, there have been no golf shots struck in wales today at the 38thyder cup match as heavy rain moved through the area last night and continued all morning here, subsided just about an hour ago. and the hard working grounds crew here at celtic manor are back out on the golf course. they have been tested to the limit this week pumping water
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from everywhere. the players havecome back to the course. rory mcilroy in his first ryder cup, taking a picture of what's going on here. and play is t to resume now at 1:30 local time, which is going to be 8:30 in the morning eastern. the goal is to complete session three of these matches today here at celtic manor and then have a complete set of singles matches tomorrow, which means the ryder cup will be back on track schedulewise and should provide a very exciting finish for these matches. and hello, everyone. mark rolfinging along with dottie pepper. dott dottie, it's been a trying a testing week for everyone. but now, finally, the schedule is back on track. we have a plan. is that a good thing, do you think, for earn? >> i think it's a good thing for both teams. to he a definitive goal to finish today's round three, and
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then to have a singles goi off done in a predictable manner th parings, with the captains given time in between those sessions, an hour after this afternoon's sessions to ge those parings in, think them out, how you want your players to go out, front load them, back load them, whatever your philosophy i you have time to think thaout. >> as a player, if there was a stoppage of play, what was the key for you? >> i think the key was to stay away from speculation about when we maystart, what the plan may be. to go off to the side, stay in your we may go at anyime mode. you have to keep yourself mentally focused and sharp to go. so whatever that was for you all year long, to stay in that mode when you did get sent to the locker room for a stoppage of play, contue to do that even though it's a team competition. >> with no golf played yet today here at celtic manor, who did the benefit more, the american side or the european side? >> the americans.
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they could have gone for a stoppage o play sooner last night when things were starting rumble for the europeans. there are a couple of key matches out there that the americans need to get back to a couple to be tied and it all comes out tomorrow. that would be the perfect scenario, i would think, so captain rey pavin. the europeans could probably have played further into the night last night they were a roll. >> all right. the rain has stopped. the course is being dried out and cleared. and when we come back to the 38th ryder cup, we'll be moving forward in our taped covage of yesterday's second session. [ male announcer ] the turn changes everything. ♪
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this is while we were away at 13. the par 3. fowler heads into that deep rough. it did stay up. now, westwood, dottie, and this is a big opportunity for kaymer and westwo to grab a two up lead here if they can ge something close on that. >> exactly. there must have been a lot of confusion for lee westwood about what club to pull. i think you've got topl the fit on the conservative line, back into the breeze a touch. >> tre's been a little search by the europeans in the last 20, 30 minutes that made a lot of matches go their direction. >> on this golf course, you can ear every one of those movements on the leaderboard. >> look at the matches, mcdowell and mcilroy, poulter and donald,
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mismatch. jimenez and hanson. they've all won the latest holes. >> look at this line, as well. >> good shape and a big advantage for kaymer, who will play the next shot. over to 11 just a moment ago, phil mickelson, chance for a birdie 4. and mickelson curls one in. the europeans have a chance to have the hole. padraig harrington now live with this shot putt. the europeans remain 3 up. up at the 14th.
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mark, secondshot for the euros. >> playing vry long right now. 210 yards out of the rough. >> it's ga shot. s, it's a good hole. this 14th, perhaps the hardest on the golf course. >> that's afantastic shot out of that rough. >> it was a horrible angle, as well. >> he just took what they gave him and hit a perfect shotrom where he was. >> mahan with a much better angle, mark. >> he is. it's interesting, gary, the golf course playing completely different than it did couple of days ago. we had so much rain that they're not getting any rain at all on the tee shot. >> second longest course in ryder cup history, right, gary? >> yes, i think that's correct, john. and with the wet conditions, it is certainly playing the
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longest. >> mahan has 207 left. >> come on, baby. >> well,it's going right over the flag. hunter mahan's caddie, you can hear him say beauty. >> all the u.s. players have been welcomed very nicely here in wales. but if you take a look atome of the wording here, the translation of the welsh language isn't exactly easy for the americans to interpret and hunter mahan, for one, hasn't exactly figured it out, either. >> i heard a couple of guys on the golf course. i think they wanted my autograph. i couldn't tell, though. i know it's some sort of words coming ut, but i -- i know language is -- it's -- it's difficult for me to understand. i'mnot exactly sure what it is
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and what the dialect is or anything like that. but i've heard some mumblings of a language here. >> they sa100 years ago, half the polation could speak welsh. now that percentage, they say, is less than 20%, but growing, they say. it's not easy to figure it out. johnny, you've learned a few sayings in welsh, haven't you? >> i don't know where they came up with that language. it must have been at a public at had o'clock a.m. >> this is furyk's shot at 14. >> tiger woods playing the third for the u.s. duo here at the par 5. tiger drove in the rough. stricker getting it up to this position. boy, that is some long, thick rough. tiger woods swis that hard at a shot that's not more than about 50 yards, that's a pretty good indication of what these
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guys are playing out of. nowanson playing the third for the euros. doesn't quite get it up the slope. that little ridge. back at 13. >> martin kaymer staring at a birdie that would win the hole for the europeans, dotpy. and a chance to take a 2 up lead from kayme and westwood. >> not a hard putt. a little slow. might lose a little toward the water. >> the americans stil have a par putt to have the hole over at 10th.
6:19 am
can overton do it again for par to have the hole? twice by overton. keeping it all there. like absolute rock. >> he's the only americ really putting real well that i've seen. >> back to 13. for the halve. >> stricker would have to be included there. >> so fowler faced with a big one here, if he doesn't make it. kaymer and westwood will have a 2 up lead wh just five holes to play. it's real tricky if you're not able to hold this one. >if there's any criticism of this choice of rickie fowler, which i like, but when you look at his overall putting average for the year, he's 162nd.
6:20 am
and really, in the ryder cup, yo want a guy that can putt like stricker. >> well, that was huge as fowler steps up for him and furyk. now just 1 dow >> fowler has some pretty good experience in match play. he's been very successful in it. you see dustin johnson and him were a member of the 2007 walker cup team. fowler fared very well in that one and even better two years later when he went 4-0. so he went 3-1 in that walker cup, 4-0 on another winning team. so fowler has a great match play record, even though it's not the ryder cup. >> and this was just a moment ago at the 11th. birdie putt for stve stricker. so that par conceded and now live, the europeans with a chance to win the hole.
6:21 am
>> it's a little over15 feet and i think a putt that will try to move a little bit less. but with that so-so bunker shot, not so good, really. if they don't hold this, they've let a big advantage get away. >> nice putt there. it was turning in and just kind of straightened up at the very end. nothing is going to fluster miguel angel jimenez too much. we'll be back after this.
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♪ >> all sor of game-changing matcplay moments so far on this ryder cup. more to come. the u.s., again, 2 1/2 to 1 1/2 in the first session, the better ball format has been tered for the first time in more than 30 years after the rain delay yesterday. so four sessions instead of five. out to 14. >> and just a moment ago, molinari for -- have the hole. francesco showing a little emotion. yeah, zach johnson unable to
6:24 am
make his pu for a birdie after the beautiful second shot from hunter mahan. so that hole havled with pars. back to 13. >> and mickelson, this could win the hole. >> they've got to have this, the u.s. so the 12 hole. another one get away. they have the hole. harington and fisher remain 3 up. and over to the drivable 15. >> yeah. 246 yards if yu go directly at the flag stick. and we'll take a look at the 15th hole using our pinpoint animation. fairway to the left oa gap in the trees, you can go directly to the hole. as i mentioned, 246 yards going that way. this is where the americans hit the ball in the morning there in the red. the euros in blue. so we saw a few guys drive the
6:25 am
putting surface. an exciting match play hole. it will be interesting to see in the alternative shot format if anybody chang strategy, johnny, and lays up. >> yeah, i doubt it. it's not that shot a hole. it's a fun shot. really, i guess starting on 14, you've got three really important holes in a row. don't you think, gary? >> i wou agree, john. certainly the 14th in my mind, the most difficult hole on the golf course as we talked about. there's water off tee and on the second shot. you can see here from the tee up to the green, up hill some 33 feet. so the yardage is 246. you probably need to add in another 10, maybe 12 yards. >> mbe even 15. >> the other issue right now, gary and johnny, is that it's a heavy air. there's maybe only 5 miles per hour win. but with the moisture and the coolness, it's a heavy wind. >> it's pretty much into, isn't
6:26 am
it? >> it is into. but that's beneficial on this kind of shot with a driver. >> you can see anything that pitches left of the green will loond a very steep slope and there's a good chance it could do down in a hazard. >> i guess that's why a lot of guys bail right. >> but it's not an easy shot from that shot out of the rough. >> yeah. we found that out today, this morning. >> right here with rickie fowler on sunday. i would imagine tt -- >> that's better than a lot of wedge shots i've seen. putthe pressure on. >> yeah. the beauty of match play. you hit first, you have the opportunity to really put some pressure on your opponent.
6:27 am
>> gary hunter has driven the ball well. it's been aaron play if he's had any issues in this round so far. gets some very good drive. >> this one starts on a good line, as well. looks to be maybe turning just a lite left. that's going to be a little hotter with lower ball flight. but two balls on the green at the short par 4. back at the 10th. last match of the foursomes. stewart cink's tee shot at 10 early with a 5 iron. >> a little of the room left. you don't want to hit it right. >> mcdowell and mcilroy one up
6:28 am
in the match. good shot. the europeans have their problems. this was their par putt by mcilroy. so it sks in there tight. and the miss by mcilroy, it conceded birdie for the americans who have squared the match withmcdowell and mcilroy. so you take one european flag off the board and that means there are two flags each, u.s. 1 up and 2 up and the europeans with a big lead, harrington and fisher 3 up. six foursome matches this saturday at the 38th ryder cup.
6:29 am
well, the crowd has been let back in the gates. they've been waiting outside celtic manor for hours.
6:30 am
and believe me, they are hungry to see some golf. and they will be seeing some this afternoon. again, session three set to resume in aouple of hours here from the 38th ryder cup matches. players are starting to arrive at the course and the first american has arrived and he is with jimmy roberts. >> all right here with rickie fowler, crse on sunday, i would imagine that this has to be somewhat confusing, even for you guys. because yesterday, you played parts of three different sessions. it's hard to kind of keep track of things. >> yeah. and, you know, we got up probably around 5:00 this morning and got out here. now we're not teeing off until 1:30 until things hold off. the rain is starting to go down again. we're not sure when things are going to go down. we're excited to ge back out on the course whenever it happens. >> you haven't had that much experience in international play. with the walker cup, you've had som but have you ever experienced
6:31 am
anything like this at all in golf? >> rain delays. but with a small group of guys and not dealing with too many tee times, i haven't rely dealt with anything like this. like you said, there was one point yesterday there was three different sessions going on throughout the day. >> give viewers a sense of how extreme water conditions like this affect the actual play itself. >> well, when there's batter on the ball, the ball can do a lot of different crazy things. you get water between the ball and the face and the ball doesn't act normally. if the ball can score at all, right, left, you're not sure where it's going to go. then y add rain to the situation. makes it tough. you've got to keep things dry and try and stay warm. but with the fairways being as wet as they are, the reason we're notut right now is not being able to find a dry spot in the fairway to hit a ball. so your expectations for today? give us sense of what's going
6:32 am
on in the team room because it's all blue up there for this board on the third session. >> like say, we're excited to get back out we felt that it was a good thing the darkness came last night in our part. obviously, the europeans were feeling good. they were out and they were playing well. so it was a good break. like i said, we're ready to go this afternoon. >> rickie, thanks very much for stopping . best of luck today. >> all right. that was rickie fowler. once again, live action set to resume in the third session of these ryder cup matches in about two hours. dottie, w have been here in wales now for about six days. you've been watching rickie fowle how has he held up in your mind through all this? >> i think he got a test yesterday at the rules infraction at the fourth hole. i was really impressed on how he handled it. he didn't shrug it off. but he took it hard, took it quickly and got over it. and faced with having to make a series of short putts down at
6:33 am
the end, he knocked them all in. i think it showed that he might be 21, but he's a little older on the inside. >> rickie fowler. and tiger woods is now arriving. he and partner steve stricker going out there four down. now to our taped coverage from yesterday. >> beautiful look across the valley. in fact, there's robert trent jones is actually the one who sold sir kerry matthews about the site when the two were scouting the area for potential golf courses. he said this is where you could build a incredie course, right here in the valley. they added an additional nine holes to the already existing nine. this is tiger woods and the europeans have already hit the green. wow. >> that was the best shot he's
6:34 am
hit all day. the shot he hit at number nine was pretty good, too. >> lou donald's third here for the european duo. this wasust a moment ago. luke donald is out of the bunkers. there's a great example. now to overton for the u.s. has a chance to have the hole. >> can he make another e? >> well, you know, johnny, i wouldn't be surprised. when yoget the right feel on the greens, and obviously, he has it, certainly more sore than any other player on the united states team. should move ever so slightly to his left.
6:35 am
the europeans win the hole. take a 1 up lead. they move up to 15. drivable par 4, two eagle putts here. johnson first for the u.s. >> gary, this is the first time i would say that zh has had that he has to be considered and, in fact, it might get away from him once he gets down to the hole. probably the fstest putt he's had all day. >> quite a bit of swing to the left. it's just never high enough. good speed, though. >> zach johnson is playing in his second ryder cup. asked him earlierhat he learned from his first experience in this competition. >> i remember friday in opening matches, i di't play in th morning. i played in the arch. th one thng i do remember was
6:36 am
that my wife, they went out and watched the fist matches -- or all of the first matches. and she said, you know what? it is just golf. and i remember thinking, it is. i'm still using the same tee, same clubs, hole is the same size. it is just golf. it sounds simple stupid, but frankly, when i comes to the elements you're fighting against and the elements that are coming at you peripherally and obviously that environment, that sort of thing, itreally is still just golf. >> talking about his experience on the ryder cup team at k club which lost hugely to the european side. this is lots of diffent ways to kind of psychologically put yourself in the right frame of mind for an event of this magnitude. >> and that was a great performance by europe. k club. >> emotional, darren clarke, memorab
6:37 am
memorable. >> as we watch edoardo molinari with a chance for eagle to win the hole. >> you have to get a pretty go sense by watching johnson's putt. >> everybody has moved to the left, thugh. >> they certainly have. just not seeing that much break. the european birdieas been conseatd, but mark, not going to concede the u.s., huh? all right. we'll move back over to .in the meantime. >> mickelson for birdie to win the hole. fisher is getting closer and closer to handling johnson and mickelson another loss. >> this putt doesn't so so long. >> no, but they three putted that secnd hole, and ever since there have not been any
6:38 am
concessions recently, to speak of. >> they played in. theyremain one up. we go back to 12. >> stricker, to win the hole. and he is 3 up against hanson and jimenez. so match four looking good for the united states. match three looking good for harrington and fisher. over to 14. >> this was just a moment ago after a brilliant iron shot from rickie fowler. furyk h this for a birdie at 14. obviously, he thought he had made it. and now alive after an even better approach shot lee westwood. kaymer has the opportunity to
6:39 am
make the hole and bring them one up. two great efforts there at the 14th. we are enjoying a beautiful afternoon here in new port, wale is he. it's the 38th ryder cup. boss: and now i'll turn it over tohe gecko. gecko: a thank you, sir. as we all know, geico has been saving people moy on rv, camper and trailer insurance... well as motorcycle insurance... gecko: oh...sorry, technical difficulties. boss: uh...wt about this? gecko: what's this one do? gecko: um...maybe that one. ♪ dance music boss: ok, let's keep rolling. 're on motorcycle insurance. vo: take fifteen minutes to see how much you can save on motorcycle, rv, and camper insurance.
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back at the 38th ryder cup, the fifth of four matches continues. tiger woods and steve strict were a three up lead. >> the wind is picking up a wee bit right now and coming from the right and, aga, slightly. a comfortable win for this hole, john. >> no. it's really easy to miss this left of the green, really easy. you're worried about the water. and if you don't stay committed and hit the right shot, that window grab shoot it way over left. stricker and woods ll be closer to making and keeping
6:42 am
their record to perfect. tiger's leftoot is sead out more than it used to be. 5 iron here. mumbling about this shot. certainly what i s talking about is just easy to hit it left. that's not a bad shot. hee, you can see trying to hit that rightole location with a hook wind. it calls for a cut, but the wind is saying, i'm going t shook it. so if you hit it short of t gene or right of the grn, it's going down in the water. there will be a lot of guys hitting it where tiger hit . that's a good shot, actually. maybe winds on the third or fourth match. >> certainly with the 3, i believe now, the other side forced to be more aggressive. so a 5 iron, as well. must be fun playing with stricker.
6:43 am
>> he looks its over. we'll go to 15 where rickie fowler is on the tee with a iver. looking for it to cut. got it way up in the air. that's good shot. back at 13. >> and hanson. switched to a 4 iron and yes, it's going way left. >> that's e double cross i was talking about, guys. thinking they're going to hit a brave shot and the last minute they hook it and the wind makes it hook even more. >> back to 15. >> westwood going with the driver. that is a little more left to right movement to it. making it look easy. >> yeah, they sure are. it'snot that wide up there. it's only about 15 yards from
6:44 am
right edge to the green to the left. but these guys are driving it right on the putting surface at 15. the united states currently holds a one-point lead, but the europeans, they're enjoying playing on home soil. kaymer knox another one down and the fans love it. harrington and ross fisher, he likes to get the crowd pumped up and they enjoy it, as well. and p workers who lost their jobs to the spill. and p i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new leans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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at the 15th, eagle 2 for par 4. swing right to left. that one not conceded by a means. now, martin kiem were a chance to win the hole, dottie. >> yeah. and it's not a crazy chance. it's back ad forth, back and forth. >> the demeanor of this young
6:47 am
man reminds you of langhart, doesn't it? >> oh, gosh, it does. he'll kind of joke around a little bit and then it's back to business. >>run out of speed. back up the hill at the end. but that birdie will be conceded. it will bo go bck to the par 5 11th. this was just a moment ago. birdie sank for the duo of kuchar and cink. behind erton, he has been the best on the greens for the unique. mcilroy, this will be a huge mistake if they miss. hofully. and they h the green in two, but a poor first putt by mcdowell. makes no difference. that match stays all square and we go to 16. >> and the first match has hi this long par 4 16.
6:48 am
>> 226 yards playing right into the wind now. th americans short of the green. that's two good shots. >> well, in italy,they love all kinds of sports, from auto racing to the olympics and soccer. but with a few exceptions, they haven't really made a mark yet in golf. but friend chas ka and edoardo molinari would like to change that and this week they've got that rare opportunity. here is jimmy roberts. >> it's always thought that the best der cup championships are those which seem toave a natural, organ it connection. questwood and clarke, best friends. olathoble and volaseros, mentor and pupil. but how can you do any better than a pair that shared krerl
6:49 am
boxes as kids and wrestled passionately over the really importa stuff, soccer? >> they're big rivals so, you know, we always argued about football and we still do sometes. >> i think it's just he picked the team that was winning at the time and that was it. ♪ if you're gone to be a square of you ain't going to go nor ♪ >> they say the idea is for a ryder cup team to bond like family, to in essence, become like brothers. of course, if y already are brothers, some of the more delicate issues simple will i don't exist. we tend not to apologize f miss a shot and obviously, not to get mad to the other brother i he misses a shot. >> while it's not unusual for siblings to choose the same path, the intersection of fraternity and excellence is rare. sports has given us the
6:50 am
mannings, politics, the kennedys and music, the jacksons. but ryder cup brother teammates playing together in the same match? it's only happened once before. and that was 75 years ago. the wright brothers only figured out how to make man fly. the molinaris could lift an entire continent. >> we lift each other very well. we know when to talk, when to stay quiet. so it's obviously a little easier to play with francesco. >> no further proof is needed than last year's world cup, ich the brothers won for italy. comfort level? well, think about this. in edoardo's t european tour issues, who do you think was playing with him? oh, brother. >> rarity, indeed deed, the for
6:51 am
brothers to be playing in the ryder cup and rare for italians to be a part of this special ryder cup week. only constantino rcca who was a brother before the molnar r brothe others. >> no shot. >> wasn't that tough. a lot of times when you're standing above the ball inhe bunker, with it comes out short so you have to hitit harder. >> you may have trying to hold on to the 1 up lead over the molinari brothers. >> set is the scene for us at 13. >> americans still have about 150 feet leftor par. a bad chip shot from left to the green and they will suffer a bogey. tiger woods will have about 4 1/2 feet to win the hole. >> and that would mean a 4 up
6:52 am
lead, with just five to play. virtually insurmountable. >> twiegs to win the first righter cup ever for the first time. >> he's picked a nice job to get it done pup you have three players playing well? >> and, of course, those three players have brought their plastic to was for that winning putt potentially. go to hunter mahan a -- >> you figured that he would expe a three putt out of the europeans. you never know, though. this match is starting to have the tide turn. you can feel it.
6:53 am
>> that's the fourth shot for the americans. the molinaris have two putts to win the hole and square that tch up. tiger trying to win the hole at 13. >> not a hard putt. not much break. >> no. caught a little bit right. not much. >> that would have been a significant 3, but that would haveeen hard to cut back on. four down instead. molinaris need just a couple of tts at 16 to square their match up with johnson and mahan. sgl >> breaking up a little bit, mark.
6:54 am
>> four on this hole, the tough 16. sometimes the hardest hole on the golf course. wales open, big long par 4. that's aood for. that is a winning hole for the italian du they're playing well, they're playing tough. first ryder cup playing as brothers. they'reall square with two laps. investors are demanding more for their money. good.
6:55 am
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for those of you just starting your day, it's noon here in wales, 7:00 here on the east coast. when you woke up expecting to see live golf, there has been month play at the ride ur cup today. the good news is, t skies have cleared somewhat and the matches are now set to resume at 1:30 local time. that's 8:30 eastern, about an hour and a half from now. the players have started arriving, including some of the european side. there is lee westwood. he has played the best of the europeans thus far so far in these matches, he and poulter. and jimmy roberts had a chance to catch up with their captain
6:57 am
colin montgomerie. >> hi, collin. you played golf for an awful lot of years. i know y've been through an awful lot. but haveyou ever experienced anything like this? >> not in the ride ur cup, no. this has been unique in every week. what can you do, you know? it's rain dallas. we feel sorry for the crowd here. it's not often that you get this atmosphere building and, k, to have to go away and come back again. so we feel sorry for them even to have to walk around because it is mud they're walking in. wellington boots are the only things that workn these conditions. but they came in at half past 10:00 to tell us we're playing again today at 1:30. we ok forward to ge out there and playing again, really. >> the way the matches were going yesterday, i'm sure you were elated to have that
6:58 am
stopped. you said yrself that momentum is such a big part of the way these matches go. it must have been disturbing. >> well, it was, yes. we were up, 3-1 and then we lost that session and then we lost the next session primarily tu to the american aes play. they played great in the foursome's matches and we had to get things turning aarp here and were going to go in intees singles. there's no match of been given because you're too off on the tee. so these matches have to be finished and finishedwell. and there's only one thing that c happen now is that we have lost something of that momentum and then with americans, therefore, would have gained. so we have to get that momentu back again this morning. so it's possible for us to do tht. and the american ves opposite views. so this should be a very interesting session coming up.
6:59 am
>> what did you tell your team last night or this morning when you met? well, just the same thing i just said to you, that no match has been won because you're three up. because you're four up, that doesn't necessarily mean you're going to win the game. the american team hath nothing to gain. i just say, this wille a very interesting session. if we can get out of this level going into singles, i'll be delighted. >> collin, thanks very much for stopping by. best of luck. >> not aall. thank you. >> let's take a look at these matches that collin is talking about. look at the blue on the right. all six matches in favor of the europeans right now. yes, some of them are close. but some of them are not. westwood and donald, a 4 up lead over woods a


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